Thursday, July 31, 2008

my hair is gone

tuesday i got a haircut.
my hair was about three inches below my shoulders.
i got about 2 inches cut off. it is above my shoulders now.
oh my goodness. it is soooo easy to maintain and it looks so cute!
i wear my bangs curly now because it gives my hair more VolUmE and it looks better too!
*sigh* i love it.
i will put some pics up when i take some.
we are leaving for the beach tomorrow, so maybe i will get some pictures from that.

Back to New York

so a while ago, our family went to New York!
only this time, we stayed at a hotel right on TIMES SQUARE!!!
it was absolutely amazing.
we saw hairspray and lion king on broadway and they were fantastic!
we went to many places like FAO Schwarz, ripley's believe it or not museum, empire state building, carnegie deli, statue of liberty, ellis island, central park, 42nd street, 34th street, macy's, and....other cool places too!
and i've decided that i'm going to live there when i grow up.
or maybe go to school there. who knows?
we'll just have to see.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Youth Conference in NY

So these past few days our whole stake has been up in New York and Pennsylvania.
We arrived at the stake center ready to leave at 4:30 in the morning.
About 200-300 kids and leaders boarded 4 charter buses headed for Palmyra - with a few stops on the way.
at around 10 o'clock we arrived in Harmony, Pennsylvania where some little presentations and classes were held. We then boarded the bus again and headed to Fayette, New York. In Fayette, we toured the Peter Whitmer farm and went through the visitors center there. We also had lunch and played a few games.
Around 6-ish, we again boarded the buses and headed to the Palmyra stake center where the Palmyra stake hosted a dance for us. It was very hot and sweaty and many people were a little loopy because of our lack of sleep. But it was super fun!
After the dance, we were picked up by our host families and taken to their houses. We were conked out by 12.
At the house I was staying at, there were 14 people (12 girls, 2 adults) to one bathroom. But it was fun! A little hectic, but still fun.

On friday, we went to many church historical sites in our matching navy blue shirts including the E.B. Grandin Building, the Smith farm, the Palmyra temple, and the Hill Cumorah. Then, at around 7 or so, the whole group made our way to the Hill Cumorah Pageant. We were given vouchers for food and by 8:45 we were in our seats ready for the show. The Pageant was amazing! The story line was easy to follow and there were many awesome effects!
We left at around 11-something for our host homes and were asleep pretty soon.

On Saturday, we dressed in church attire because we were going to the Sacred Grove.
We spent a little while in the Sacred Grove for personal time. It was so peaceful and beautiful in there!

We then boarded the buses and headed back to the stake center where we had one last meeting. After the meeting, we ate lunch, changed for the buses, and made our way home. We left around 3ish. On the ride home, we watched Meet the Robinsons, High School Musical, and Tarzan. At about 7, we stopped for a quick rest stop and got some dinner at McDonald's and Subway. Hmhm. i love greasy food. We then traveled for another 3 hours and got home around 11.
I slept very well that night.
This upcoming week, my family and I are going back to New York for 3 days, but this time we're going to New York, NY. NY is such a beautiful place.
What happened in Palmyra and Fayette and other places are simply amazing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

a complete shock-maker situation

so i just got back from efy (which was amazing by the way!!)
our group was called the Glory of the Stars! ***
so cute! our counselors and fellow stars were all amazing.
i knew a few from our stake, but that was it.
so i get home and i'm looking up everyone on facebook and
friend requesting them and what not.
and my mom is looking at the list of names and she stops at one name.
and she's like "was he really in your group?"
and i'm like... "yeah, why?"
and she's like "he's your cousin."
so i was like "holy crap. that's crazy!"
so then i send him a message on facebook and i'm like "um, we're cousins"
and he's like "i thought i knew you from somewhere"
and i'm just like "wow." i just spent a week with my cousin and i didn't even stinkin' know it.
how sad is that. but how CRAZY is that?!? sooo crazy!
but efy was absolutely amazing. best year yet. most def.

so this is my cousin that i didn't know about.
he took my camera and took a pic of him with it.
crazy crazy.