Friday, November 28, 2008


snow has finally occurred in ashburn, virginia!!!
and the winner of the "Guess When It Will Snow" contest is............................................................................................. LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the snow occurred on November 26th around... sometime.
it was occurring while we were moving our boxes into the house. so EXCITING!
well, thanks everyone for participating in this event and congratulations lisa! you will get your prize when we next see you!
and goodnight all.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

turkey trot and moving!

we are finally settled into our new house. well, not really settled cause there's boxes everywhere, but we are now staying here!
it's so exciting! and warm.
some mover dudes came over yesterday to help move our big heavy stuff so that was good. my room is really cute and cozy and the pink wall looks awesome with my comforter.
lacy-ballet is also staying in my room now - more incentive for me to clean her cage regularly!
so after loading, unloading, packing, unpacking, lifting, and whatever else we had to do, we finally went to bed last night.
then we wake up this morning at 7:30 and head over to do our annual turkey trot.
oh my goodness, my muscles were so sore!
we had originally signed up to run the 5k, but dad's knees were very painful, so he and mom were gonna walk the 2k. and i didn't want to go by myself, so i went with them. and david ran the 2k and finished 9th overall!
and afterwards, there was pizza, granola bars, apples, oranges, bananas, and stale bagles!
it was actually quite tasty.
today for thanksgiving we are heading over to some cool cats who invited us over cause we got nowhere else to go. so that's pretty cool!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

what to do...

so i've decided to make a list of what we are to do when everyone comes for Christmas. here are some ideas:

1. listen to "It's Christmas Eve in Washington"
2. watch "Ahmal and the Night Visitors" while eating muddy buddies!
3. watch "Enchanted"

4. sing CAROLS!!
5. play in the snow
6. make Christmas cookies

i had more but i can't think of them...

Friday, November 21, 2008


oh my goodness i just saw TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was so cookey (you know, cheesy) at some parts, but overall, it was sooooo good!
especially liked it :) the characters were surprisingly better than i thought they would be. a few awkward moments though.. haha. but i definitely recommend it to EVERYONE!! here are some pics that i liked. now go see TWILIGHT!!!!!!!
yay TWILIGHT!!! the poster's a bit odd though...good scene from the movie.... :)us being straight-up-G's at Coldstone!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The House

We finally have closed on our NEW HOUSE!
It is gorgeous!! So when we went over on Saturday to start painting and cleaning and whatnot, I decided to take some pictures! So here are some of the house:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*when will it snow??*

It's here again folks! WINTER SEASON!!
and you know what that means right? snoooowwwww!
and as always, the snow guessing game! this is when you get to guess a day when you think it will snow, and whoever gets closest to the real day, wins a candy bar!
here are the rules (as officiated by dad):
1. can only choose one day
2. cannot change your day
3. mom or dad must see the snow/snowflake in ashburn, va
4. if two people guess on the same day, and that day wins, both get a candy bar

so enter your guesses and we will pencil them into our official Snow Guessing Calendar!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder

Celtic Woman are my idol. they are a group of six Irish women (like mom!) who are amazing singers! the members are: Chloë Agnew (she is my FAVORITE) Órla Fallon Lynn Hilary Máiréad Nesbitt Alex Sharpe Lisa Kelly (on leave)

they have the most angelic voices ever and they give me shivers!!

Now Celtic Thunder is a group of five Irish guys who are now a group. their members are:
Paul Byrom George Donaldson Keith Harkin (c.u.t.e.)
Ryan Kelly Damian McGinty (only born in 1992!)
I am totally obsessed more with Celtic Woman. especially this song that Chloe sings:
it is soooo good!
AND Celtic Woman is coming to Wolftrap!! That would be a super Christmas/birthday/for fun gift!! (hint hint)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

no pressure...

so since there was no school on either monday or tuesday, the...district i guess, decided to have district choir auditions on tuesday the 4th. yep, election day. BY THE WAY, is anyone else bummed that Barack Hussein Obama won? oh well... our country's crazy anyways. ANYHOO, so on tuesday we had auditions for districts! fun funness.
the song we had to sing was called Come Again. a very interesting song. kind of from the oldenish days. but yeah, with the song i was feeling good, feeling prepared.
so on the busride there i was like "hey, i should read twilight since i brought it with me and i have nothing better to do!" so i did that. and ended up getting kind of 'bus' sick. which made me really tired and disoriented.
so i went into the audition room to audition and the people started the music so i started singing. and that was fine. not perfect, but whatever. then we had to do sightreading. and they assigned me to number 3. so i flip to page number 3 and look at the sight-reading. my head started swimming. AND I THREW UP!!! jk, tricked you for a bit haha. but no, i just did terrible though.
see, when i usually do sightreading, i sing on lalala, but this time, i was like, hey, i should sing on solfege. you know: de re mi fa so la ti do.
well....that totally threw me off. like, i could see that the note went down or up, but i didn't think how far or anything. i was singing re's when it should have been like, do's or mi's. and i was singing la's when it should have been ti's. the hardest was the jump from la to re. boy it was rough. so i left and was like, darn, i'm not gonna get in.
oh well. i wasn't like crying or anything.
so i get home and i'm thinking about it and stuff and then i realize that i've made all-county and all-district choir every year since 6th stinkin grade!!! that's when the pressure started sinking in.
and then i woke up. hahahaaa. jk jk jk.
i ended up making it, which is a huge relief! but now there's all-state choir auditions in like, march or something. AHHH the pressures of a choir girl.
but it's fun and that's what i live for! singing and fun!
this is called solfege :)

this is me when i sing and people can't see me haha

Monday, November 3, 2008


so i was at my friends house looking for music (as in my previous post) and another friend came over and recommended some songs. there was one...dude who he said he liked and i instantly FELL IN LOVE! andddd he's cute. so that just makes it so much better. this "guy"'s name (or his band, whatever), is called Basshunter. go to this link and you will see:
my favorite song is All I Ever Wanted and then Now You're Gone.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

what's yo flava? tell me what's yo flava?

recently, i have been asked to be on the stake youth committee. it's a group of youth ages 14-18 who help decide things about youth conferences, dances, and other activities. so, i am now on the committee and our next gig is this upcoming saturday. my friend and i have decided to help with dances for the committee. this saturday's activity is a dance! fun fun!
soooo, we get to have some say in the music. unfortunately, we have to give the leaders the name of the song and composer so that they can look up the lyr
ics before they "air" it. the reason this is unfortunate is because they look way too deep into meanings. for example, the song "dancing in the moonlight" by...someone, the first words of that song are: "We get it on most everynight,..." but the whole song is about dancing! they are DANCING most everynight! but no. they're like "NO! THAT'S IMPLYING NAUGHTINESS!!!". so we can't play that song. so here is a list of some of the songs (that i can remember) that we have chosen for the leaders to look at lyrics so far:
- disturbia by rihanna
- fall from a star by kill paradise (thanks nate)
- the boys are back from hsm3
- umbrella by...punk goes crunk? i think that's what they're called
- love story by taylor swift

- love story by katharine mcphee
dang i have terrible memory. well these are just some of them.
but here's your challenge. do you have any song ideas that are clean or a version that is clean?? because we need more ideas. all they ever play at the songs are everytime we touch by cascada and chacha slide by....whoever. so yeah, ideas are appreci
by the way, this dance is a BARN DANCE!! how cool! we are gonna have hayrides, apple-bobbing, pie-eating contests, and even....a a greased pig!!!!