Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Teacup

This is a story I had to start for my english class. We had to write the beginning of a Gothic Novel soooo yeah. this is mine.
please don't make fun of me...


The carriage pulled up to the Acton Burnell Castle and Diana Norridge caught her breath; she had never seen anything as majestic and beautiful in her entire life. It had been a lengthy ride from Tenbury Wells, but she now realized it was well worth the entire trip. Diana was accompanied by her dearest friend of 3 weeks, Amelia Parrington and her brother William, whom she met in the pump room back in Tenbury Wells. Diana and Amelia had spent many walks talking about fabrics, books, and men. But now Diana’s entire attention was spent on this magnificent building before her eyes.

“Are you prepared to journey into this stunning structure my dearest Diana?” Amelia’s voice questioned from the seat across from her own. Diana glanced up at her friend with an excited smile that matched Amelia’s and nodded eagerly. William chuckled at the two love-struck women for he could not see the wonder of the castle, and was greeted with a glare from his sister.

“All right, let’s get on with it, shall we?” he exclaimed as he jumped out of the carriage and helped the women out.

They walked around the castle, marveling at the stone and gardens that surrounded them. Continuing inside, Diana imagined what must happen within these walls when they were occupied.

“Go on ahead precious Amelia and William, for I wish to walk on my own a little while.” Diana pleaded with her friends. They obliged and continued on ahead. Diana carried on in walking through the castle and then headed to the gardens surrounding her. The clouds above showed signs of storm, but Diana was not worried -- she was sure they would get out in time before the rain commenced. She continued walking the gardens when she noticed a glimmer in the distance. Curiosity arose within her and she went to go search out the shining object.

What she found was a disappointment for it was simply a small glass teacup. However, the disappointment did not last long for she observed that the cup was sitting on what seemed to be a grave stone. Gently blowing away the dirt, she read aloud what was written: “My Dearest Susanne, May Peace Be with You” Diana was touched by the intimacy of this gravestone and she sat contemplating who Susanne could be when she began feeling raindrops.

“Oh dear!” She cried as she ran back to the castle, attempting to avoid the drops of rain but was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until she slipped in a small puddle and fell that she noticed she was still carrying the small tea cup.

“Oh I must return this darling cup to poor Susanne” thought Diana. And so she struggled her way back to the gravestone. By the time she arrived at the grave, night had arrived and the storm seemed to be getting stronger. The flashes of lighting lit her pathway back to the castle.

It was quite a while before Diana realized she had been going the wrong way but she was simply too exhausted to continue on, so she sat in the mud and wept. It was then that she saw a glimmer of light through the woods.

“Oh! I hope they are kind-hearted” exclaimed Diana as she began walking again. As she reached the small cottage however, she saw figures through the window and felt her heart seize within her. She was certain these beings would be either murderers or robbers but continued on anyways for the thrill of adventure clasped her in its grip. Knocking softly at the wooden door, Diana held her breath as she heard footsteps approaching.

OOOH SUSPENSE. well yeah, hopefully you enjoyed that.

should i continue and finish the novel??

Friday, November 20, 2009


so last year's jazz choir was selected to sing at this really important conference. but it was this year. so this year's jazz choir got to sing there yesterday. and it was awesome.
it was the VMEA conference (Virginia Music Educators Association [or of america, i don't know]) so there were teachers and directors from all over virginia.
so this was my day yesterday:

4:45 - WAKE UP!
6:00 - be at the school
6:30 - start the drive
9ish - stop at a gas station for a quick bathroom break and leg-stretching
9:15 - continue the drive
11:00 - brunch at applebee's
12:00 - arrive at The Homestead
12:30 - change into "costumes"
1:15 - start warm-ups
(i don't remember what we did for a few hours here...)
3:45 - perform for 30 min.
5:00 - change back into "comfy clothes"
5:30 - drop the honors choir kids off :(
6:00 - head back home
8:something - stop at cracker barrel for dinner (YUMMY!!)
rest of the bus ride - watch the Fellowship of the Ring and sleep
12:15 - get back to school
1:00 - get home and sleep

WOW what a crazy and awesome day.
and we got a standing ovation which our teacher says never happens there. we were all so happy it was kinda crazy.

also, we had a mini performance of all these songs the night before that parents could come to and we have some of that taped so i'll maybe put some videos of that up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

for anna

because anna has been a big help to me lately (with an english essay), i've decided to fulfill her REQUEST of me writing about my "love life". so here goes:


Monday, November 9, 2009

FAIL for me

i have failed NaBloPoMo.
but whatever, i'll still write.

the washington mormon choir sang at our stake center yesterday and they were really good!
and now for the big news.....

i couldn't see the board very well in school so now i'm getting glasses. they're super cute though but now my tradition of being the only lewis kid without glasses is over. (my pink harry potter ones do not count!)

that's all folks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

stupid teachers

i do not understand why teachers have to be STUPID!!
do they not realize that every single teacher in school thinks they are the only important teacher in school, therefore giving out sooooooooo much homework from all of the classes!?!?!
this is a conversation that happened between my physics teacher and me today:

mr. teacher dude: "okay class, turn in your problem sets!"
me: "...... what problem sets?"
"they were online"
"you didn't tell us that"
"just because you didn't hear it doesn't mean i didn't say it"
"it's due by 4 today, you can turn it in"
"okay, can i print it off real quick?"
"not with my paper"
"... oh.... okay...."

so then i had to print it off in english and do the whole thing in math and gourmet foods. kill me!
but i turned it in with 10 minutes to spare but he gave me a "silly girl" look.

THEN in that same physics class, we got to change seats because it's the beginning of a new quarter. well i sit next to the only two juniors in the class and mr. teacher dude said they cannot sit next to each other anymore so they both had to move. and then nobody sat next to me.... i almost cried. and mr. teacher dude pointed me out "LONER!" and started laughing. *sob* i hate high school.
i can't wait to get out of high school and virginia.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

oh what a night...

so last night was crazy.
i was driving to go pick up the little squash from his friends house at 11. for those of you who know virginia, i was driving down belmont ridge road (scary scary scary!!) and i seemed to be the only car/van driving. so naturally, i turned my bright lights on. so i was driving driving driving, when SUDDENLY a deer jumps out into the road! i swerved into the other lane and was soooo lucky there were no other cars around. i pulled to the side of the road to calm down a little and then saw a bicycler pull up beside me. he got off his bike and knocked at the door. i rolled down the window a crack.
"are you alright miss?" is what he asked me. i just nodded my head a started rolling the window back up. then he motioned to his bike and i glanced back and noticed he had one of those little carrier things in the back. did he want me to get in? what the heck?? so i just sped away. i finally got to the little squashes friend's house and rang the doorbell. turns out, it was the wrong house. DANG IT! so i apologized for waking this old woman up and went to find the right house. luckily, the ride home was uneventful.

then i woke up. hahahahaha that was for you, chris :)

but really, this less-interesting story is true:

on thursday we had our first choir concert! it went really great actually. afterwards some choir kids were getting together at mcdonalds to celebrate so i was heading over with my co-president in the car. the parking lot at mcdonalds was PACKED but i saw one parking space up ahead. so i pulled into it, but was at the wrong angle so was going into reverse to try and fix it. so i was going in reverse and i hear this awful sound and realized i just scraped the car next to me. MEGA DANG IT! so i put the car in park and jump out to inspect the damage. it really wasn't too bad but i was freaking out. to make matters worse, there was a whole group of baseball players from my school who saw the whole thing. they started yelling at me to run away and that they wouldn't tell. but i was like "NO! i'm not gonna be bad and run away from this" (they thought i was insane. they probably weren't far off) so i decided to figure out whose car it was and go talk to them.
so i go into mcdonalds and start looking around. the place is soo packed it's hard to move. the car i hit had my high schools soccer sticker on the back so i knew it was someone from my school. then i see this kid who's also in choir and plays soccer so i go up to him and ask what kind of car he drives. it was his. i told him what happened and he said it was fine because he had a bump on the other side anyways. that when i started bawling. i was just so stressed and relieved that i was sobbing in the middle of mcdonalds. so i ran out of there as fast as i could. funny thing was, i was smiling and laughing while i was crying. that must have been weird to see...
so our jazz choir went to a different mcdonalds and sang to the people there and then sang through the aisles of giant. by the end of the night, i was feeling much better!

Monday, November 2, 2009


so i'm going to copy everyone else in the family and do the NoBloPoNoLoTo month thing. This is gonna be difficult cause i usually don't write on my blog very much, and like Katie i like comments but i'm gonna have to deal with rejection and sadness in my life so why not start now? we have school off today and tomorrow for election day tomorrow! whoop whoop! it's my first election i can vote in and i don't know anything about the candidates. yet. haha
tomorrow i also have all-district choir auditions. our audition piece is "Shenandoah". super pretty. we had to sing it in class in front of everyone and it was super scary. i almost burped while i was singing! well that's it.
just so you know, the blogs this month might get a little boring if i'm posting everyday cause i don't have a baby or an interesting job or anything. that's your warning....

Sunday, November 1, 2009


so i got my senior pictures done the other day at hapers ferry and i'm going to post some of them.
visit amy's website at: (she's FANTASTIC!)