Wednesday, August 6, 2008


on friday of last week, our family headed down to assateague island for a day at the beach. when we got there, there we so many wild horses there! about 30 horses we on the beach and in the water! it was sooo cool!
after spending the day at the beach, we went to our hotel room and got cleaned up. then we headed to outback steakhouse to celebrate my mom's birthday! i got so full off of steak.
the next day, we packed up and headed to bethany beach to meet some friends and hang out there.
the water was a little cold, but still really nice. it had rained earlier in the morning, so the weather was pretty nice.
we went to candy kitchen and also got some candy and then headed to five guys for some greasy burgers.
that night we went to bethany blues for dinner where i once again got super full off of ribs and fries.
then we headed home and finally got their around 12ish.
luckily, i didn't get too burned. instead, i got a nice little tan! :)