Friday, January 30, 2009

my new name

hello all.
as you know from my previous blog entry, i am now married.
however, as you may notice, there are two separate "fellas" in the pictures.
the first one is, of course my husband, jon mclaughlin.
and in the second one is my boyfriend, will anderson.
oh my dang (meow nathan) the concert was HOT! meaning, amazingly good.
other words to use would be: awesome, tight, stupendous, magnificent, and anything else that basically means fantastical.
so this band, parachuteva, introduced jon mclaughlin by playing some of their songs first. they are actually very very good!
and then jon came out and i was like: oh geeze, oh geeze, oh geeze.
it was amazing.
and we were right there. like right in front of him. i couldn't have asked for better seats. i could practically touch him and i saw spit fly from his mouth and sweat dripping from his nose. it was great. and then i got a picture with him. he was very tired by this point which is why he looks a bit exhausted. i also got a shirt that says "beating my heart" on the front and then on the back it says "jon mclaughlin" and has a heart underneath it. he signed that too. and then i bought his new cd "ok now". soooo goood!!!!! oh goodness. i am obsessed with it. he signed that too. and then i bought a picture of him for $5 and he signed that too. it's hanging above my bed at the moment. and then i got a picture with him and i touched his side and he was nice and sweaty hee hee!

before the doors were opened.

shows how close we were to the stage!!

oh man.

that's my man.

my boyfriend.

so i suggest you either see jon in concert or buy all his cd's!!!
and get parachuteva's cd when it comes out in april!!!!!

the end

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


as you can tell by the title, i am getting married.
many of you know about my "celebrity" crushes
(as you can tell from number 10 in this list: .and i am fulfilling part of number 10 as well)

but, this is for reals. kind of.
you see, he's already married. which messes things up a bit.
so i've invented a time machine used only for him so he can go back in time and be about my age. he will move here. we will fall in love. and we will get married and live happily ever after.

but wait, you might be thinking, who is this again?
oh, right. i forgot to tell you.
well, my future hubby happens to be the one and only.... jon mclaughlin. (sigh)

AND i happen to be marrying him TONIGHT where i will be seeing him in concert and will have my picture with him and will then shortly after will be marrying him.

happy day!

sorry for those of you who will be missing my wedding.
AND it's great because we just got a bunch of snow so the wedding pictures will be ADORABLE!

the only sad thing is that i realized i've been saying his name wrong.
MCLAUGHLIN. how would you pronounce that?
i've been saying Mic-Lock-Lin. but it's actually Mic-Lof-Lin.
oh well. it's still an attractive name.

so the next time you see me, you will see him.
and my name will be alison lewis mclaughlin.

Friday, January 23, 2009


so life has taken over.
life has taken complete control of my life.
does that make sense? it seems there is no time for life, because of all the things that must be done in this life.

wow, that is deep. ANYHOO!
so lately, exams have happened. i just finished my last one today. so that's a relief that they're all done.
dad is home too! it's pretty fun with him back!

i have my second EVER singing recital tomorrow.
i am singing "God Help the Outcasts" from the hunchback of notre dame.
it's so sad and so pretty. and our recital is in a big church so hopefully it will sound cool.

i have to agree with katie when i get on and see that no one has written in like two weeks and it makes me sad. but then i realized that i have fallen victim to this as well, so now i am writing.

our family (meaning me, mom, and dad. cause david's too cool for us) have recently gotten involved with DDR! well really just me and mom cause dad can't really dance yet.
but mom and i have gotten pretty good at it and it works us out a lot. whew!

it seems as if everyone is doing contests. so i think i will have to start one. not today though because i can't think of a good one. but stay tuned and one with be coming your way!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a post for katie - to help her 63ness

at christmas, the family was given a puzzle.
lucky for us, katie loves puzzles! or so i think...
anyhoo, she was the one who would mostly work on it. us other people would usually do one or two pieces and then get so frustrated that we would stop (at least that's me speaking)
anyhoo, now that she's back in utah, the puzzle just sits there.
but i have news for you katie, i got in 4 pieces today!!
and yesterday i got in 3 pieces that nobody else could find!
so i want you to know katie, that we are gonna finish this lollipop!
and when we do, i will send you a picture of it :)
i hope you're not 63 today. but if you are, hopefully this will cheer you up

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jon McLaughlin

As many of you know, for Christmas I received tickets to see Celtic Woman at Wolftrap!
Aren't my parents the BEST??

Then, after all the "other children" left, i was on facebook. at my homepage, it said i had two updates. i clicked on them and one said: "Celtic Woman has posted a concert near you". and so i clicked "going" and was so happy about it!
Then i clicked on the second update and it said "Jon McLaughlin has posted a concert near you". so i was like, "huh, i wonder where that would be?" so i clicked on it and it said that it was located at Birchmere. so i looked that up and was looking at pictures and tickets and i saw that the tickets were only $30! so i was like "momma! these tickets for jon mclaughlin are only $30! can we go?"
so she asks me who he is, what he sings, what birchmere is, and then she says "yeah. i guess we can go."
my mouth just dropped. so i bought two tickets online and now we're going to see jon mclaughlin on january 28th!!!
i am so stinking excited!!!
so now i'm going to see jon mclaughlin AND celtic woman!!