Friday, May 28, 2010

last choir concert

last night i had my very last high school concert. EVER.
after being in choir for 4 years and then being choir co-president it quite an emotional night.
to start things off, we had 3 of our guys in our jazz choir get suspended for a few days so that had to miss this concert. that right there just made things difficult but we pulled through and had a great performance!

i've a great few years at this high school and the end is coming faster than i expected but i'm pretty excited to move on with my life and face bigger things and more adventure.

what a great ending to a great few high school years!

AND it rained like crazy last night so we played in the rain as a final goodbye :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

roller coaster phobia

yes that is the true name.
i googled "what is the phobia of roller coasters" and that's what it said. so i will belive google i suppose.

this past saturday i went to hershey park for a choir competition (which we got 1st place in mixed choir, jazz swing choir, and overall high school choir. and these are against choirs from all over the east coast. PRETTY AWESOME)

so anyway, that part was really cool and done and whatnot and then comes the park. i had been to hershey park before but that was with my parents and they don't like roller coaster. and this time i was going with lots of my friends so i knew i was doomed.

so we get to the park and the first ride they want to go on is called "the great bear" which is a roller coaster where your feet dangle over. i agreed and we waited in line. what i did not expect was that we somehow ended up in the line for the very front seat. i was not happy. i actually got my arm bruised cause they were grabbing me and holding me so tight. so i ended up in the front row. i screamed the ENTIRE way. and i think i would've enjoyed it a lot better had i been somewhere in the middle. i also went on "storm runner" which launches you off super fast up a big hill and then straight down. there were some mega G's acting on my body. but i LOVED that one!!

but anyhoo, the main part of this story is this. there was a new roller coaster recently built called the "fahrenheit" which slowly takes you straight up and then comes down at a 92 degrees angle. that's just not natural. i was freaking out the entire 2 hour wait. once i got on i was freaking out so much i was silent. i didn't even scream the entire ride i was so scared. once i got off i was hyperventilating and practically in tears but i was so proud of myself for going on it! and it was kinda fun!!

so here's a note to all you roller coaster haters out there (this does not include the ones who get motion sickness cause that just stinks): JUST DO IT. YOU WILL NOT DIE. TOMORROW WILL COME.

that's the great lesson i learned this weekend at hershey park, the land of chocolate!! and to sing really well and win trophies :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

PROM 2010

prom this year was on may 8th. the only stinky thing was that mormon prom was on the 8th too! OH NOO!! well i chose the wrong and went to school prom. hehehee. but i had an AWESOME time with a great group! here are some pics:

this was my dress borrowed from a friend. altered by my fantastic mother :)

yes our group had 7 girls and one guy haha. and he's a freshman!

even though this was only the second prom i've been to, it was definitely by far the best one. and the dancing was so much better than usual!!

it was just a super duper night :)