Friday, October 31, 2008

ooh oooh ooh oooh this is HALLOWEEN!

stirring and stirring and stirring my brew...
oooooh ooh. oooooh ooh.
stirring and stirring and stirring my brew...
oooooh ooh. oooooh ooh.

hahahaa. that was such a good song from elementary school!
HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween/Trunk or Treat!

tonight for mutual we had TRUNK OR TREAT!
if you're thinking i just spelled "trick" wrong, you're wrong!
trunk or treat is when all the parents park in the church parking lot and the kids go around to the cars and go "trunk-or-treating"!! super fun! as youth, we get to have some games for the kids to play when they're cold or what-not. i was in charge of the "cup-cake walk". it was pretty fun. i got really into the dancing. :)
oh, and i dressed up too. some teens may think they're too cool to dress up, but really, they're the ones missing out. so me and two other girls dressed up as the NINJA TURTLES!!
it was pretty darn cool. i had the trash can lid as my shell. haha.
and because i'm not allowed to go real trick-or-treating, i guess this was the real thing for me!
here are some pics of david's costume, us carving the pumpkins, and the pumpkins themselves. mine's the coolest!
so this is david being a....scary army dude guy. cool cool

this is us carving pumpkins for family night. notice thriller playing on the computer screen. oh my goodness, first time i've ever seen it and it made me laugh so stinking hard. "i'm not like other guys." "oh i know, that's why i love you." "no, i mean, i'm really not like other guys." and then he turns into a werewolf or something. bahahaha. i laughed really hard while david peed his pants. :) jk jk jkbefore...
AFTER! cooleo! the first one is mommy's, then davids (just imaging the "throw-up" coming out), then mine- the COOLEST ONE EVERRRRR!!!, and then daddy's cute one)

this is pretty much what i looked like. i even had the swords and brown stuff tied around my arms and legs. awesome.... haha and for green pants, i wore some that dad had worn when he was like...23/24 and they fit me! like, actually fit me. it was pretty cool.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


so last night i saw high school musical 3!!!!!!!
when we got to the movie theaters (about an hour early), we went to 7 eleven, bought some candy, and then settled in our seats. the previews started.
tons and tons and tons of little girls started streaming in.
there were about three birthday parties of 30 little girls each.
it was i n s a n e.
and then the movie began.
zac's head was the first to show. and then it went black.
hahaha just kidding. i didn't actually faint. :) but it was close. i had already heard the first song so, to the dismay of the little boy on my left, i started singing and dancing along with the song.
"'s, now or NEVERRR!". a really good song by the way.
sooooo, if anyone wants to get that movie for me for christmas, go ahead. haha
by the end of the movie, i was utterly amazed. so good. so cheesy yet so good.

that girl dancing with zac (troy) is actually me. i had plastic surgery. no lie.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cake, party, and FUN

so here are some pics!

here is my DELICIOUS cake that i call "no-bake cake"!
it was soooooo good and it had gummy worms! so yummy!!!

this is me trying to be cute with my cake. my teeth look yellow, but i promise they don't look like that in real life! i brush!! but yeah, my cake was cute and yummy. :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

you've had a birthday shout HOORAY!

thursday was my BIRFDAY!
and i turned 17! how exciting!! i got some pretty cool things from my pretty cool family too! i got the movie "Peter Pan" (best darn movie ever made! jeremy sumpter = luv) anyhoo, i also got the vocal point cd "Nonstop". and i got some apple jacks, and $60, and some earrings and a necklace, and...i think that's it. daddy forgot his gift in his office so i get it on tuesday.
and i got some calls from my fam fam.
daddy was first, then lisa? then...bryan & katie, and then chris, anna, and babay!!
it was a nice, simple birfday and i wuved it soo much!!!
oh annnndd for my cake, i had a no-bake-cake!!
like no bake cookies, but a cake! with gummy worms!
i put a pic on sometime, cause i haven't uploaded pics yet! so yummmy!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

i guess i could be cool and do this too..

5 things I've done in the past 10 years
1. gone on a date. woohoo!
2. got my ears pierced
3. became a teenager (yeah, 4 years ago. it doesn't seem i'm really that young)
4. read Twilight 5 times (yeah that's right. 5 times!)
5. gone to highschool (and now i'm almost out of it. one more year...)

5 Things I wish I could do today
1. take a nap while reading my book (19 minutes. just got it today in large print haha)
2. blow up the school (bwahahahaaaaa)
3. bake brownies and eat them all myself
4. (if it was raining) run around with no clothes on. weeeeeee! (jk, i would wear a swim-suit haha)
5. go to a friends house and watch step up 2 and try to be cool and dance along

5 Foods I wouldn't want to do without
1. gummy worms
2. brownies
3. "octupusy" (yummy....)
4. hard, crunchy grapes
5. cucumbers with german dressing (yum yum yum. makes my mouth water just thinking about it haha)

5 Things I would do if I were a Millionaire
1. fly to berlin and party with my long-lost german friends
2. buy a big house, 2 dogs, and a cat
3. buy the mall and then "steal" all the clothes i want
4. buy lots and lots and lots and lots of shoes
5. give to CHARITY!!! yay for saving people and animals and the world!!!

5 Places I have lived
1. my mommy's tummy :)
2. albuquerque, new mexico
3. reston, virginia
4. berlin, germany
5. ashburn, virginia

5 Jobs I've had
1. babysitting
2. teaching piano
3. soccer reffing (grrrrrr...)
4. babysitting
5. more babysitting

5 People I tag(That means you're supposed to do this on your blog now.)
1. i have no friends other than people who have already done this so i will just write their names again
2. lisa lewis
3. anna lewis
4. katie lewis
5. .....and those are my only blogging friends so...... yeah. 63

Friday, October 3, 2008

nothing new

i have nothing new to report but i feel like writing anyways.
i will just write what i am thinking:
- i have a headache
- i feel like eating a cookie
- that guy walking by is reallllly cute (jk, there are no guys in VA)
- "that's when the old gray, cloud burst"
- bert and ernie have funny ears
- the cochlea looks like a snail
- today is FRIDAY!
- we got interims (grade reports) today and i should be doing better. oopsie.
- i want sleep
- so i only have like....2-3 more weeks until i can change my earrings. i'm pretty excited. the other day i was playing with one and i accidentally pushed it in too far and it hurt. it took a while to pull it back to normal size. i can't wait until i can wear all my cute earrings that i got from my b-day party!
- my birthday's in 6 days! then i'll be 17. that's a pretty exciting age. boy, i am getting old pretty fast. it's weird.
- i am obsessed with another song. it's call "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. super cute. i love it.
- i am gonna go get a drink of water now.