Monday, June 30, 2008


oh boy.
the fun has begun.
packing and cleaning the house.
it's weird that when you think you're cleaning a room,
it ends up being messier.
we haven't found a house yet,
however, there is one that i really like.
we call it "rockfield" cause that's the street
it's on.
there is another one that my momma
really really likes cause it has a pool and a
ginormous flat screen tv, but i refuse to move
there. it is outside our ward boundaries!!!
heck no!
but it is really pretty.
but yeah, we are putting in a new fridge and
a new stove today. and it's burning hot so
i just feel nasty.
but i am super duper excited for EFY next weeekkkk!!!
check it out!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New SpringWidget

so yesterday i found out some really exciting news.
after countless weeks and days of practicing and
trying out, i finally made.... JAZZ CHOIR!!!
jazz choir is the top choir at my school.
there are only about 4 sopranos,
4 altos, 4 tenors, and 4 bases. give and take a little.
there were only two alto spaces open, and i got
one of them!!
and there were well over a hundred people who tried out.
OH MY GOSH!!! i was so excited when i found out.
yeah, so next year, i will have my own mike, and
dance around on the stage with the other amazing
singers! <3 <3

this was the jazz choir from two years ago.
i believe this was at the dulles airport!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hi world whats up? guess what, today is the last day of school, yipeeeeeeeeeeee!

written by:
ali's cool, fantastic, amazing friend.

(she's actually my bff)

Monday, June 16, 2008


i am at school right now.
this very minute.
i just finished my english exam.
we had to write a paper about our papers.
very weird.
this girl next to me is very weird.
she keeps singing: "SHAKE YUR BON BON, SHAKE YUR BON BON!"
crazy crazy.
tomorrow is the last day of school.
it's so dumb that we have a two days, and then schoool is out.
and those days consist of exams.
it's insane.
now the girl next to me is crying.
not really though.
school is about to end.

my school.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

gold team performance

last night Gold Team performed
again at the sterling community center!
we got pink wrist-bands this time.
they were the second band to play, so we didn't have to listen to too
many head-bangers.
they played five songs.
and they were pretty good!
this is them. you can't see the drummer though.

we stayed to hear the band after Gold Team
and then decided to leave and go to a friends house.
at his house, we played wii and listened to music.
then we decided to take a walk outside
and around scary paths.
we also passed the place where they found
a dead guy. scary....
and they were telling all these scary stories
and we were getting really freaked out.
finally we went back to his house though.
but then while we were in his living room talking,
my brother just stands in front of the screen door just
staring at us.
when i finally saw him, i screamed and almost
wet my pants.
it was pretty darn scary.
then i went home and went to sleep.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

dance recital!

so yesterday was the dance recital
i've been anxiously awaiting!
oh geeze, i was so scared.
we didn't perform until after intermission
so the whole first half,
we were all freaking out silently.
then during intermission,
we were going over our dance in the hallway.
then the second half began and we were
trying to loosen ourselves up while
waiting our turn.
the scariest part was waiting in the wings
of the stage.
but then the group before us finished, and
we headed out.
the music began.
we began.
nobody messed up.
we all smiled huge during the performance.
we mouthed the words.
we let ourselves go.
it was AWESOME!!
we were so happy that we did
good afterwards!
(sigh) the end.
then we went out and partied at the park
in our outfits.
it was a party.

here are some pictures we took
afterwards in the car.
they're pretty awesome.
(these pictures were taken with my new adorable camera!!)

this is us in the audience awaiting our turn.

having some fun in the car. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

dance dress rehearsal

so today was my dance dress rehearsal.
it was at a high school about 20 minutes away.
when we got there, they told us we couldn't perform
in the auditorium cause they had just painted the stage!!
so we had to perform on the gym floor.
it was pretty scary.
and then two girls never showed up.
and then at one part, we go between eachother
back to back so we can't see eachother, and this one
girl ran into me!!!
it hurt my bum bum too.
but other than that, it was okay.
hopefully the real recital on friday will go better.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

brothers just make me so angry sometimes. actually only one right now.
and it's not the one you would think it is...
this is why:
- they think everything is solved with violence
- they solve everything with violence
- they don't answer the phone when it's ringing right next to them
- they think they are cooler than everyone else in the family
- they steal your stuff. like hair stuff, shirts, chapstick, the list goes on and on
- they are just overall "grrrr"-making!!!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

some very random pictures

this was from when we went
down to see the cherry blossoms
in D.C. and we found the
Roosevelt memorial thingy.
i'd never seen it before,
but it was really cool!
there were lots of fountains
and memorial was huge!
this is me kissing Roosevelt
while in his wheelchair. i am sitting very awkwardly on his lap though.

this was also at the cherry blossoms.
my eyes look like black pits cause of the special
effect thingy's. there were tons of
gorgeous tulips everywhere!
mom made me pose like this and
it was very very embarrassing cause
there were people walking around
and watching me while i was posing.
but it was really fun and the weather was beautiful.

this was when i helped a neighbor at a photo shoot
but was not expecting to get pictures of myself done!
but it was really fun! that gum was really good too.
bubbalicious watermelon. hm hm hmmm.
but there were some very... awkward pictures
cause i'm not photogenic at all, so they weren't the greatest.
but i liked this one when i made it black and white. :)

so this picture is pretty old, but i lurv (love) it!
that's me and my sista'!!
i thought i was cool with my sunglasses on my head.
i wasn't.
i think she had something on her lip. :D
this was the day we went to the outlet malls and i took
that really provocative picture of me in the dressing rooms!!
hahahahaaaa! no, it wasn't bad.
wow, i remember what her car smelled like...
i miss her.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


so i am super duper excited for girls camp this year!!
this is my first year as a YCL (youth camp leader).
i have a partner and we get around 5-6 little girls
and we have a theme for our group.
so for the level we get girls from is level 3 (age 14 usually),
and the level theme is princesses! so our group
chose to do ariel. (i know. not a very modest princess)
BUT our group name is the "modest mermaids"!!
so cute! so we are doing underwater stuff to decorate
and we are giving our girls little mermaid things.
i am soo excited!
our level leaders are really cool!
we had our level 3 YCL sleepover at one of the leaders'
house and watched enchanted! it was the first time
i fell asleep in that movie. :(
but it was super late and i was super full
and super tired. boy i am SUPER!!
okay, so pretty much, i am really excited for girls camp!!
the other groups in level 3 have used the following princesses:
1. snow white = the tidy whitey's (hahahahahaaa!)
2. pocahontas = no name yet
3. belle = lovabelle's
4. cinderella = stella' cinderella's
aren't those so cute???
but yes.
again, i am soooo excited!