Friday, February 27, 2009


okay so i have a dilemma.
mom and dad are thinking about going somewhere sometime and want to leave us home. well they also want to get us a babysitter! i mean, honestly. i am 17 1/2 and david's almost 15. we're old enough to stay at home for a few days!! mom says she can't leave us at home cause i'm not an "adult" cause i'm not 18 yet. but i'm stinkin' close enough!! oh and the potential "babysitter" is my friends sister who just got home from a mission. but my friend happens to be 3 months younger than me! so how awkward would that be if his sister is babysitting me?!
so yeah, i wanna know what you think.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


all-state choir auditions were on tuesday.
we had been practicing crazy hard for the last few weeks so i was ready to get it done with.
we got to the school and i was one of the last to audition.
funny thing was, my singing teacher was one of the judges, haha.
but the auditions were blind, meaning there was a board so they couldn't see me and i couldn't see them.
so we get the info back on wednesday. i had totally forgotten until someone came up to me and they were like "good job alison!!" and i was just really confused.
then i realized what they were talking about and i was like "no way!!"
but i didn't actually make all-state choir. i'm just an alternate. but still.
i didn't think my audition went that good. it was pretty exciting.
one of my soprano-friends said she is going to poison the other altos so that i can go.
but what's really cool is that our school is sending 9 people to all-states.
that's the most!! our "rival school" is only sending three. HAHAHA
it's very exciting.
so that was basically my week.

it was snowing a little earlier this morning. how pretty.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


i have been given permission to share this experience with the world.

the other night we sat down to dinner. just me, david, mom, and dad. we were having chicken and rice with veggies, salad, and milk to drink.
we were just getting started and chatting about our day when mom reaches for something and accidentally knocks over her glass of milk. it gets all over the floor, on the table cloth, and in her salad. we end up taking off the whole table cloth and wiping everything down. once again we're settled and eating our food again when mom now knocks over my cup of milk. it gets on my pants, my shirt, my chair, and on the floor. for a little while, we just sit there in awe. then i start laughing so hard i am crying. we clean that up and for the rest of the night we don't let mom touch any milk.

hee hee so that story doesn't sound so funny now that's it's written down, but at that time it was hilarious.

... then i found $5.

and bought some milk. hahahahhaa

Monday, February 2, 2009

poker face

so my friend gave me a cd with a whole bunch of songs on it and one of them is really funny. i think it's called something like "poker face" or something. the reason i'm not really sure is because she didn't give me the titles or anything. so i don't know who it's by or what it's called but it really like it and it has a really catchy beat.
one of the parts goes like this:

"he can't see my poker face,
he can't see my poker face,
he can't see my po po po po po poker face,
po po po poker face!!!"

or something like that. so yeah.
it's pretty awesome.

AND the groundhog saw his shadow today meaning 6 more weeks of winter!!
oh boy oh boy oh boy! it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. who knows if it really will?

on saturday i auditioned for pickwick players (a community play-production) and it was really scary. i forgot to learn a monologue so when they got to me i was like...."uhhh i don't have one. sorry" but i did pretty good on my song. we went in as groups so we sang in front of like, 8 people but it wasn't that back because i knew like 4 out of the 8. but i did find out that i STINK at tap-dancing. i am utterly lost when it comes to tap. but i got an ensemble part! haha, which is like where they put the people who they don't have enough parts for. so yeah. but i'm excited cause this is my first play i'll be in since 7th grade!!
it's called "Crazy For You".

hope you sleep well tonight! hahahahahahahahaha