Sunday, April 25, 2010

my hair

this was taken the day after i dyed it so it faded a lot.
but yesterday i re-dyed it so it is nice and BRIGHT again! and a little more purpley... but i like it :)

it's my little rebeller inside.

(another post below...)


ever have a nervous pit in the bottom of your stomach and you don't know why?
it feels a bit funny...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the end of the beginning

the musical is now over and it makes me surprisingly sad! i made so many great friends and had so much fun dancing on singing on stage that i've decided that i want to do more musicals. maybe they have like intramural musicals or something at byu? or i could even take an acting class or something? that could be fun!
now this show we did is our school's "cappie-show" meaning that student judges from all over come to watch it (we had about 50-60 cappies come on saturday) and then they give out awards, like the tony awards, for best actress/actor, ensemble, pit-band, etc. and because our saturday night performance was our best one, i'm pretty certain we'll get nominated for something! and then there's always the chance of performing the show at the kennedy center which would just be phenomenally awesome.
so keep your fingers crossed for us and maybe i'll steal someones pictures to put some up? maybe even a video??

Monday, April 12, 2010

let the suffering begin...

this is week is what theatre people call "hell week" for us.
i call it "heck week" or "swell week".
meaning that this is the week of opening night.
we open on thursday and tonight we are doing our first dress rehearsal!

"swell week" means we get to stay at school till about 10 or later running the show and perfecting every little thing. then we go home and do homework. then we get up early and come to school for more rehearsal and suffer through classes and tests. AND because this week is the last week of the quarter/term, they are piling on the tests. WOOP WOOP!

let the fun times ROOLLLL!!!!

if you can, come see the show on thursday, friday, or saturday at 7pm!!
email me if you want information :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

is beauty really pain?

this is a question that always come up in my brain when choosing what shoes to wear.i think the answer to this question is this: it depends.

when wearing shoes, it depends on how long you're wearing them for. like for a few hours when you won't be walking too much, beauty definitely overrides pain.
BUT if you know you'll be walking a lot or fast, definitely go with simpler comfortable looking pair.
and i think that anything above maybe 4 inches is a little psycho.
but i have to say, i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE high heels.

these shoes are absolutely adorable.

some of my favorite shoes EVER are found here (except for any wedges)

so if you ever need any gift ideas.... :) (i'm a size 8)

BUT ANYWAYS, back to the original question "is beauty really pain?", it depends on the situation and it depends on the person.
for me, i would usually go with YES, beauty is pain.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Week in UTAH

Last week was a fantastic one!!
I flew out to Utah to spend my Spring Break with family and friends out in Utah. I got to spend time with my friends Kirsten and Andie and then spend some time with my family members Lisa, and Bryan, Katie, and Olivia!
Here are some fun things I did:
- went to some classes with Kirsten --> 2 sociology classes, an english class, and... something else
- went to these classes with Andie --> music class, ASL class (first deaf person I've met and it was really cool!), american heritage
- ate some goooood food at the cannon center with andie
- went to these classes with Bryan --> physics, chemistry, microbiology, and construction management
- went to work with lisa and ate a whole bag of oreos for dinner and breakfast (1 bag for both, not one for each)
- hung out with katie and olivia and made some cool headbands
- walked around campus with katie and olivia while holding lillies
- dyed part of my hair HOT PINK with kirsten :)
- went to dinner and coldstone with the fam
- played fun games and bryan and katie's

What a great week but it is nice to be home again with my family!