Friday, April 24, 2009

stinkin dangit


do you think...?

do think it's possible to change the color of your eyes permanently?

(this kid has pretty eyes. i'm not sure if they're real though...)

could they "dye" your eyes or put in permanent contacts or something?
i mean, if they can tattoo your eye, maybe they can do anything now right?

and indeed they can. click the eye for more information!!

this website was kinda cool as i was looking around. click here

and this is just totally awesome.

(i think i will have nightmare's after trying to look up a cool picture of a tattooed eye so i will not put any up. you have been warned... they are creepy)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

thanks anna

so i just wanna say thanks to anna because i am using one of her poems in english class.
we have to write a compare & contrast story about two poems written by authors who are alive. and so i decided to use anna's poem about reversing continental drift and then another one about continental drift (but the deeper meaning is about love or something). but it's really not gonna be that good (sorry anna) because i STINK at writing essays. i just overall do not enjoy writing. i'd much rather read.
talking about reading,
i am currently on a mary higgins clark obsession and have so far finished three of her books in the last week. so good. but i have learned that you should never read her scary books before you go to sleep because then you will have some creepy dreams... i won't expand because they are a bit gruesome.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

63 my pictures never work

here was the picture of me and the dog

busy busy week

this is my crazy week!

1st: i got my wisdom teeth out on tuesday!! awesomeness. it actually didn't go that bad. they gave me some laughing gas and then stuck me with the IV. didn't hurt that bad. and then the next thing i knew, i was waking up and seeing double. it felt really fun to be on drugs. so the rest of the day i just slept, read, and watched movies.

this was basically me minus the dog cause mom and dad won't buy me one.

it was awesome! on the way we stopped at amanda's house (from germany) in new jersey and visited with her and her boys and baby girl. my mouth was still pretty swollen but it was nice to see them. we got to the hotel that night and i just stayed in bed and watched tv. mom, dad, and david went out and about and went to a asian place for dinner and had octopus (thank goodness i wasn't there). AND they saw the naked cowboy!!! but they didn't have a camera so they didn't get a live picture. but this is him:

then on thursday, dad went to work so mom, me, and david walked around central park and went to the natural history museum. it was really fun! we also rode the subway for the first time! then that night we went to the broadway show "39 steps". it was really funny and dad "LOL"ed a lot.
then on friday dad went to work for only a little bit so mom, me, and david went to the sony place (?) and then went shopping at h&m for a little bit. and that night we saw "the marvelous wonderettes" which was really cute! it was basically just a whole bunch of 50's songs sung to no real plot but it was really cute and we in the absolute front row!

then on saturday we left for the drive home, got home around 4:30 and then left to pick nathan up at the airport at 5:30! so he's home! coolness!
well that was basically my week.
no school tomorrow! and the play (crazy for you) is coming along great! come and see it!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009



just click on the snowman if you want winter to end and spring to come!
when you come to the black screen, hold down your curser and move it around!