Friday, December 17, 2010

Why I couldn't concentrate while taking my test

Yesterday I took my American Heritage final exam.
BUT I didn't take it in the Testing Center because some tests they have in the Joseph Smith Building Auditorium. Awesome...
So I had to crawl over people and trip and whatnot just to get to an empty seat. And the desks are tiny. It was fantastic.
So I'm starting my test and I'm feeling alright about it. I'm in about 30 mins when I decide to take a mental break and glance around, stretch, and just chillax a bit. And I notice the guy in front of me. And on his neck there is a HUGE. BIG. JUICY. ZIT.
I almost gagged right there on the spot. Like people, this things was BIGGGGGG. And it looked ready to go.
To add to that image, the guy right next to me had really bad breathe and was coughing about every 20 seconds. So I was practically leaning on Megan sitting next to me (which she questioned me about later haha) just to protect my nose and stomach.
Now I wanted to put up a clip from "Osmosis Jones" of when Tom Hank's ginormous face zit explodes onto the lady's face but I couldn't find it. But just imagine it... :)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

just a fun list of some big pet peeves

here is a list of some of my biggest pet peeves:

- when people talk on the phone while using the bathroom. especially public bathrooms.

- when people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. again especially public bathrooms.

- when girls walk in a way that makes their booty sway. for real? can't you just walk normal?

- girls who shriek and laugh very shrilly and loud.

- people who only talk about themselves. and who bring anything you say back to themselves.

- people who brag.

- people who bail on previous plans made.

- girls who always have to look cute. always. i mean come on! there's gotta be a day you don't wanna take 2 hours to get ready in the morning!

- girls who flirt with any and every guy.

- people who tell secrets and inside jokes around you and won't fill you in.

ummmm i'm sure there's many many more but yeah, that's it for tonight.

fill me in on some of your big pet peeves! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last chance ya'll

This is my last week here before I come home :) :) :) :) :) :) :) can you tell I'm excited?!
So that means that this week is when I'm buying gifts!
So family (and I guess whoever wants a present who I'll be seeing over break), this is your final chance to tell me what you would like!
I know I got a lot of peoples stuff but if you wanna add something here is the chance to do it.

By the way, I'm super super super super excited to see you all!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

An apple a day...

So today in the Wilk (Wilkinson Center) there were stands of people everywhere handing out nice shiny apples to students and wishing them good luck on their exams. I do not enjoy confrontation so I snuck on by. But later I was sitting and enjoying my lunchable and watching Dave Barnes youtube videos when a man came up and offered me a delicious-looking apple saying "Here's an apple to eat with your lunch! Good luck on your exams!" so I smiled and said "Thank you!" and he left.
This is what I was expecting:

I happily bit into my apple and noticed a little brown spot but thought to myself "I will not be picky and I will enjoy this apple" so I bit into it again. And had to spit it out because this is what I saw:

So of course my next thought is "I wonder what this says about how my exams will turn out... dang it...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A BYU Curse?

There are approximately 30 million students currently enrolled at BYU. I would say that at least 1/3 of them are either engages or married. Now you may be thinking that I'm going to talk about the curse that this is the "marriage school", FALSE.
The curse I am talking about is the one that affects pretty much all single female students here.
You walk into class and see an open seat by a really cute guy so you sit in it. You introduce yourself and you both start talking. He seems to be a great guy and so incredibly nice you can hardly believe it. Class ends and you are getting up to leave. That's when you notice his left hand. And the little band he has on his ring finger there. DANG IT.

This is the curse. It seems that anytime I meet or even see a cute guy I now automatically look to his left hand to see if I'm even allowed to be attracted to him. Darn you girls who got to them first.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas time is here

hey family,
i know it's mostly you guys who read this anyway so i'm addressing this to you.
because i am poor and i have no means of getting "real" presents, i need some ideas of things you might enjoy receiving.
maybe some pretzels? or gushers?
but just comment and throw out some things you like, whether or not i can get them for you, it'd be interesting to see!

love you all

less than three,

p.s. credit given to bryan for the "less than three"

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh the trials of life

College is much harder than I was expecting. And by "much" I mean, it's a lot harder than I was expecting. Classes are (sometimes) interesting and the professors are pretty cool but the TESTS! Oh those tests... make the whole learning experience that much harder. And the tests aren't even that long, usually 40-100 questions, but it's simply the material and the way the teachers attempt to apply that material. So extremely difficult...
BUT as quoted in Galaxy Quest: Never give up, Never surrender.
And as quoted by someone at a devotional here: Exceed your own expectations.
I have learned that while these classes and tests may be difficult and extremely stressful, it can't last forever. I know I'll benefit from them. And I have a fantastic family and great friends who help me through them :)

quick story:
the last two weeks had been very difficult for me academic-wise. i received a letter from a friend on a mission who continued to share his even harder times he was having while out there and he shared this scripture with me that helped me tons --> Alma 7:11-13 :)

(i also recommend reading the praises of david in psalms when feeling down. they're the best!)

Monday, October 18, 2010


well everyone. the time has come.
that's right, it's NATIONAL CHEMISTRY WEEK!

and that's all i have to say about that...

Sunday, October 10, 2010


i admit it. i have a facebook addiction.

the reason i believe i have it is this: when i wake up in the morning, it's the first thing i open. along with my email, but facebook is always first.

i think i developed my addiction later in high school because i didn't own a cell phone and so it was my only way to communicate with my friends when we weren't all together. it became such a habit that even now, when i do have a cell phone, i still check it constantly.

and so! there is a facebook fast going on this week. from oct. 11th to the 15th. i'm only doing it from the 11th to the 13th because 5 days is too long for me... but i'm super nervous.

so any good advice is greatly appreciated! send me emails to keep me busy, call me, talk to me, anything to keep me from thinking of facebook and what i'm missing! :)

college is cool, by the way. very hard... but cool.

peace out.

<3 ali

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

byu provo student

today is my 3rd day of classes,
they are hard.
and have lots of homework.
but i love it.
i love feeling independent.
i love knowing that I have the decision to make it i want to do my homework or not.
or what time to go to bed.
i love my "own place".
i love walking around campus.
i love the AWESOME WEATHER here!
i love my teachers.
i love my new friends i've made, and i love my old friends that are here.

basically, college is a great and fun experience so far.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


so this is my schedule! but i'm gonna try to get a 10am chemistry class :)


Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00a NDFS100 - 1
8:00a - 9:15a
456 MARB
NDFS100 - 1
8:00a - 9:15a
456 MARB

12:00p A HTG100 - 71
12:00p - 12:50p
140 JSB
A HTG100 - 71
12:00p - 12:50p
140 JSB
EXSC150 - 1
12:00p - 1:40p
A HTG100 - 71
12:00p - 12:50p
106 JSB
1:00p REL A121 - 43
1:00p - 1:50p
323 MARB
NURS180 - 2
1:00p - 2:50p
1126 JKB
REL A121 - 43
1:00p - 1:50p
323 MARB
3:00p CHEM101 - 2
3:00p - 3:50p
MUSIC313R - 001
3:00p - 3:50p
MUSIC313R - 1
3:00p - 3:50p
CHEM101 - 2
3:00p - 3:50p
MUSIC313R - 1
3:00p - 3:50p
MUSIC313R - 1
3:00p - 3:50p
CHEM101 - 2
3:00p - 3:50p
MUSIC313R - 1
3:00p - 3:50p
4:00p SFL210 - 4
4:00p - 5:15p
SFL210 - 4
4:00p - 5:15p

Sunday, July 4, 2010


sooooo figuring out what classes to take is a tad stressful!
ESPECIALLY when you see how many people already have classes you want to take but you can't even register for them for another 9 days!!!
crazy crazy.
so i can register for my remaining classes on july 13th and i have to get up at 2AM to do that, YAY ahahhaa.

classes i'm already registered for because of the "freshman mentoring program" are American Heritage (with Patterson) and Book of Mormon (with Stohlton).

a class i had my brother bryan hold for me is Preview to Nursing!! whoop whooopp!!

and the remaining classes i need to register for are as follows: Basic Vocal Skills 111 and Chemistry 101.

HOWEVER that totals to only 11 credits. and i need 12...
SOOO i'm planning on auditioning for a choir when i get out there. don't know which one yet but we'll see :)

so any suggestions on an audition piece? or classes to take?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

time to wake up? NOT 6AM!!

that's right people, the graduation's have BEGUN!

tonight i graduated from seminary. what an accomplishment!
if you really think about how many hours LDS youth spend in seminary and church, it is simply astonishing.


Friday, May 28, 2010

last choir concert

last night i had my very last high school concert. EVER.
after being in choir for 4 years and then being choir co-president it quite an emotional night.
to start things off, we had 3 of our guys in our jazz choir get suspended for a few days so that had to miss this concert. that right there just made things difficult but we pulled through and had a great performance!

i've a great few years at this high school and the end is coming faster than i expected but i'm pretty excited to move on with my life and face bigger things and more adventure.

what a great ending to a great few high school years!

AND it rained like crazy last night so we played in the rain as a final goodbye :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

roller coaster phobia

yes that is the true name.
i googled "what is the phobia of roller coasters" and that's what it said. so i will belive google i suppose.

this past saturday i went to hershey park for a choir competition (which we got 1st place in mixed choir, jazz swing choir, and overall high school choir. and these are against choirs from all over the east coast. PRETTY AWESOME)

so anyway, that part was really cool and done and whatnot and then comes the park. i had been to hershey park before but that was with my parents and they don't like roller coaster. and this time i was going with lots of my friends so i knew i was doomed.

so we get to the park and the first ride they want to go on is called "the great bear" which is a roller coaster where your feet dangle over. i agreed and we waited in line. what i did not expect was that we somehow ended up in the line for the very front seat. i was not happy. i actually got my arm bruised cause they were grabbing me and holding me so tight. so i ended up in the front row. i screamed the ENTIRE way. and i think i would've enjoyed it a lot better had i been somewhere in the middle. i also went on "storm runner" which launches you off super fast up a big hill and then straight down. there were some mega G's acting on my body. but i LOVED that one!!

but anyhoo, the main part of this story is this. there was a new roller coaster recently built called the "fahrenheit" which slowly takes you straight up and then comes down at a 92 degrees angle. that's just not natural. i was freaking out the entire 2 hour wait. once i got on i was freaking out so much i was silent. i didn't even scream the entire ride i was so scared. once i got off i was hyperventilating and practically in tears but i was so proud of myself for going on it! and it was kinda fun!!

so here's a note to all you roller coaster haters out there (this does not include the ones who get motion sickness cause that just stinks): JUST DO IT. YOU WILL NOT DIE. TOMORROW WILL COME.

that's the great lesson i learned this weekend at hershey park, the land of chocolate!! and to sing really well and win trophies :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

PROM 2010

prom this year was on may 8th. the only stinky thing was that mormon prom was on the 8th too! OH NOO!! well i chose the wrong and went to school prom. hehehee. but i had an AWESOME time with a great group! here are some pics:

this was my dress borrowed from a friend. altered by my fantastic mother :)

yes our group had 7 girls and one guy haha. and he's a freshman!

even though this was only the second prom i've been to, it was definitely by far the best one. and the dancing was so much better than usual!!

it was just a super duper night :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

my hair

this was taken the day after i dyed it so it faded a lot.
but yesterday i re-dyed it so it is nice and BRIGHT again! and a little more purpley... but i like it :)

it's my little rebeller inside.

(another post below...)


ever have a nervous pit in the bottom of your stomach and you don't know why?
it feels a bit funny...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

the end of the beginning

the musical is now over and it makes me surprisingly sad! i made so many great friends and had so much fun dancing on singing on stage that i've decided that i want to do more musicals. maybe they have like intramural musicals or something at byu? or i could even take an acting class or something? that could be fun!
now this show we did is our school's "cappie-show" meaning that student judges from all over come to watch it (we had about 50-60 cappies come on saturday) and then they give out awards, like the tony awards, for best actress/actor, ensemble, pit-band, etc. and because our saturday night performance was our best one, i'm pretty certain we'll get nominated for something! and then there's always the chance of performing the show at the kennedy center which would just be phenomenally awesome.
so keep your fingers crossed for us and maybe i'll steal someones pictures to put some up? maybe even a video??

Monday, April 12, 2010

let the suffering begin...

this is week is what theatre people call "hell week" for us.
i call it "heck week" or "swell week".
meaning that this is the week of opening night.
we open on thursday and tonight we are doing our first dress rehearsal!

"swell week" means we get to stay at school till about 10 or later running the show and perfecting every little thing. then we go home and do homework. then we get up early and come to school for more rehearsal and suffer through classes and tests. AND because this week is the last week of the quarter/term, they are piling on the tests. WOOP WOOP!

let the fun times ROOLLLL!!!!

if you can, come see the show on thursday, friday, or saturday at 7pm!!
email me if you want information :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

is beauty really pain?

this is a question that always come up in my brain when choosing what shoes to wear.i think the answer to this question is this: it depends.

when wearing shoes, it depends on how long you're wearing them for. like for a few hours when you won't be walking too much, beauty definitely overrides pain.
BUT if you know you'll be walking a lot or fast, definitely go with simpler comfortable looking pair.
and i think that anything above maybe 4 inches is a little psycho.
but i have to say, i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE high heels.

these shoes are absolutely adorable.

some of my favorite shoes EVER are found here (except for any wedges)

so if you ever need any gift ideas.... :) (i'm a size 8)

BUT ANYWAYS, back to the original question "is beauty really pain?", it depends on the situation and it depends on the person.
for me, i would usually go with YES, beauty is pain.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Week in UTAH

Last week was a fantastic one!!
I flew out to Utah to spend my Spring Break with family and friends out in Utah. I got to spend time with my friends Kirsten and Andie and then spend some time with my family members Lisa, and Bryan, Katie, and Olivia!
Here are some fun things I did:
- went to some classes with Kirsten --> 2 sociology classes, an english class, and... something else
- went to these classes with Andie --> music class, ASL class (first deaf person I've met and it was really cool!), american heritage
- ate some goooood food at the cannon center with andie
- went to these classes with Bryan --> physics, chemistry, microbiology, and construction management
- went to work with lisa and ate a whole bag of oreos for dinner and breakfast (1 bag for both, not one for each)
- hung out with katie and olivia and made some cool headbands
- walked around campus with katie and olivia while holding lillies
- dyed part of my hair HOT PINK with kirsten :)
- went to dinner and coldstone with the fam
- played fun games and bryan and katie's

What a great week but it is nice to be home again with my family!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

traveling's the fun.... flashing by the countryside


btw, the title is a part from the musical i'm in "merrily we roll along"!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oh the stresses of high school

some reasons why i am not sleeping and am currently breaking out:

- SCHOOL: AP classes are pulling my eyelashes out, one by stinkin' one. i don't understand ap lit and i don't think i ever will. ap gov is just...stupid. i don't really care that much about the government, sorry to those of you who do. and then math is just pointless; especially with a terrible teacher who you can't understand in the first place.

- MUSICAL: memorizing songs you barely have learned proves to be very very difficult

- COLLEGE HOUSING: i don't get to apply till next week and people are already applying now! where do i wanna live?! i'm thinking heritage halls either tingey or whitney... suggestions?

- FRIEND DRAMA: i hate those people who're like "oh i HATE drama, blah blah blah" and then turn around and create a ton! and then the people who are just overall obnoxious and like to rule the world.

- FAMILY: i love my family, i do. but sometimes i just need to step away and take a breather...

whew, that felt nice to get out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


it has been raining the last two days and i LOVE IT!
it just makes me feel so happy to walk in the rain and smell the rain (minus the worms).
and sitting inside reading a book gets that much better when you can hear the rain beating down on your safe secure house. sleeping is much more fitful when it's raining too.

love it!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the power of smiling

today i had play practice and was pretty bummed; i wanted to go shopping with mom and party, you know?
but i had to go, so i went.
turns out we were learning choreography to a new song! whoopee! (that's sarcasm, btdubbs).
so we're starting out learning these moves which are kinda like charleston moves (but def not as cool as this lady is) so that's pretty cool.
so we're dancing dancing dancing and the choreographer girl was like "GUYS! you all look like you wanna go jump off a cliff, come ON!" i realized i hadn't smiled once. how pathetic.
so i made eye contact with my friend (who wasn't in this dance) and threw on the cheesiest smile i could muster. by the end of that run-through my whole mood was completely flipped. i was happy and smiley the rest of the night all because of my cheesy smiles!

the moral: the next time you are feeling glum and you're like "no, that's stupid. you're stupid. everyone's stupid!!" just suck it up and pretend to be happy, it might really work!!


and as my YW leader says: "a smile is a girls best accessory. and it's FREE!" heehee

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hilarious parody

so a while ago i talked about a new found obsession i had with a singer named justin bieber.

this song is one of my favorites. actually, it probably is my favorite.

THIS is a hilarious parody of the song but it's so well done that i really like it!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Winner of Yesterday's trivia: .... nobody...........
Answer: The Milan Conference in Milan, Italy! The deaf were forced to learn to speak orally and if they were caught signing, they first had to wear white gloves and then if they were caught again, they would get their hands tied together behind their back. Terrible times for the deaf.


T or F The Deaf are better drivers than the hearing.

Continue to stay updated on Deaf Culture throughout this Deaf Awareness Month!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Winner of Yesterdays trivia: LISA
the answer is: "Dummy" William Hoy

#3 (a little harder...)

Something important in Deaf history happened in 1880.
What was it and where was it?

LEARN TO FINGER-SPELL YOUR NAME!! :) (and for other signs to learn, click here)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Winner of yesterdays trivia: BRYAN!
the answer is: Paul Hubbard
He invented the huddle to block the other deaf teams from seeing their football plays!

Who was the deaf man who invented the hand signs (i.e. out, safe,...) used in baseball.
(he also hit the first ever grand slam!)

Monday, March 1, 2010


Who was the deaf football player who invented the American football huddle in 1894 at Gallaudet University and WHY?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week is really in September, but my school teacher is doing it this upcoming week, so I will too!

To advertise Deaf Awareness at school, we are making posters as a class and also advertising on the morning announcements with trivia questions!
This next week, I will do the same on my blog. The first question will be on Monday morning!

But for now, this is a great article I found about the Winter Deaflympics which will be in Slovakia, Russia in 2011.

Stay tuned this week for more fascinating information into the Deaf world!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

singing telegrams

so at our high school we have this thing called singing telegrams. it's when any group any size (but not too big) can get together and audition to go around and sing to people for valetines day. it's a great fundraiser idea!
so this year, a few of jazz choir people decided to get together and sing some songs. so we auditioned and made it! so we went around today and sang to people because valetines day was sunday and we had school off the whole next week. only a few people bought us cause they didn't know about us but it was super fun! we went around to our friends classrooms and sang to them even if they didn't buy us.
we also went to my little brothers classroom and i swear he is gonna beat me up when he comes back from school but i just couldn't resist singing love songs to him :)
this is our school commercial for us (that they never played!! another reason why nobody bought us) :
(and i know my hair is super goofy, it was having a bad day)

Monday, February 22, 2010

this isn't everybody but it is most of us!


**look at below post

Jazz Choir at the Kennedy Center

This is a performance of our Stone Bridge Jazz Choir at the Kennedy Center on February 22nd 2010!!
It was super dee duper fun and awesome that it was broadcast live and put on the internet!


(it's being a little silly with uploading right now, but hopefully it will work soon...)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


BYU it is!!!

So i'll be using all of you (bryan and katie especially) for class, housing, meal recommendations in the near future.

What made my final decision was this: I just could not see myself attending Utah State. It was the weirdest thing. I was trying to picture myself at both schools to see which one I liked better and I just could not see myself going to Utah State. And it's not that I forgot what it looked like or anything.

So I guess maybe i'm supposed to go to BYU!

BUT if I don't like BYU or something after my first year, i'll consider transferring to Utah State :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

decision made?

so i think i've made my decision on where i'm going to go to college.
but i'm not gonna announce yet.
i'm gonna wait till i know for sure.
so i will announce my final final decision like sunday night.

thanks for everyone's support!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



So now the real difficult part begins. Here are some pros and cons of both school I am struggling between:


Pros: excellent nursing program (if I got in), family surrounding me, friends I know who are already there and who I know are going there, great school, cute mormon boys

Cons: no scholarships (that I know of), following the standard mormon traditions :)

Utah State

Pros: scholarships adding up to about $16,400 for tuition and housing, somewhere between $2000 and $2500 in cash to spend (because of scholarships), get to know new people, the aggie ice cream, good nursing program through Weber State, also has a great education program if I wanted to go into teaching, cute mormon and non-mormon boys

Cons: don't know anybody (I mean, I know a few people, relatives and some friends but nobody close you know?), cold weather, the "typical" college campus (i.e. drinking, smoking...yadda yadda)

Any suggestions or other pros and cons for either school??

Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow storm of 2010

one word: WOW
it all started the week of february 8th. we already initially had no school on monday so we had school on tuesday. that night, the first hint of snow came so school was canceled for wednesday. thursday was back to school but the snow started around 4:00 canceling all after-school activities. later that night we found out school was canceled friday as well. what a great weekend!
now friday was the mega day. throughout the entire day we accumulated around 30 inches and on into saturday it continued.
that weekend was gloriously filled with food and movies and tv. approximately 10 hours total of tv/movie time was accomplished for those few days.
saturday we found out that they were already canceling school on monday and tuesday because of the extreme amounts of snowfall.
tuesday we found out that they were canceling school for the rest of the week because of the continuous wind and snowfall. just imagine my ecstatic-ness!!!
there is no school on monday because of presidents day and we are expected to get around 2 to 4 inches on top of the ice and snow we already have. no school tuesday??? :)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

a new found obsession

as many of you know, i tend to obsess over many things.
and as many of you know, i tend to obsess over one artist (music) at a time and continually listen to the same artist for weeks.
well i have found a new obsession.
his name is..... JUSTIN BIEBER.
now for those of you who may know him, don't freak out. i know he's only 14 years old, but he is REALLY GOOD. and it's not just his looks :)
when i first heard him i was like "yeah, he's good. whatever" i figured they just "automated" his voice or whatever to make it sound like it does. but then i heard THIS and realized that he really is very very talented! and i have since then become thoroughly obsessed with all of his music.
the only funny thing is that he's canadian, white, and young and he's singing about love and uses lingo like "shawty" (for those of you who know what that is) and basically just tries to be a G (gangsta).
but i love his music anyways.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a tempting offer....

so today i got a letter in the mail from Utah State University.
i had already received my acceptance letter so i was curious as to what this would say.
i took it to my room to read in private and upon opening it found out that i had received the "dean's scholarship" which is a 2 year full out-of-state tuition scholarship.


i was pretty excited. mom even started crying.
so this is a huge con in my scale balancing between usu and byu-provo (saying i get in...)

we'll see what happens.
OH and i'm taking pictures tomorrow for sure of my hair so they will be posted very very very soon!! :)

what a happy day!

and now exam week begins..... blegh

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coulrophobia (REALLY not for the easily scared)

Definition of Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

Many people in this world are afraid of clowns. I happen to be one of those.
Now I'm not talking about "ooh oooh they're so scary!" type of afraid. I'm talking more the "Holy crackers get me out of this place my bladder is bursting!!!" type of afraid. Even seeing a creepy picture of a clown sends shivers up my entire body.
So to have my older brother, Bryan, scare the living daylights out of me with clown pictures was enough to send me over the edge:

a long long time ago i was telling my darling brother bryan about how i don't like clowns and how having a dream about one would scare me. he decided to plan out how my dream would commence. and this is how it went: "you are asleep. you wake up for some odd reason, so you are laying awake now. you see a shadow go by your window. 'that's strange' you think. so you close your eyes to try and fall asleep. you open them again because you feel a little thud. at the end of your bed you see a figure. yes, it's a little clown. 'hello,' says the clown 'my name is mr. marbles. catch the knife!' and that's the last thing you see." now imagine being a young innocent child and hearing this. yes, it scarred me.


around the year 2005, we were all living happily in our little townhouse. then one day, it all changed. bryan knew that alison did not like clowns, but decided to scare his darling little sister anyway. for those of you who know bryan well know that he is an exceptional artist. which can be both good and bad. in this case it was bad. bryan drew a creepily good picture of this fated mr. marbles and placed it under her blankets. so when dear alison pulled back the covers to get into bed, boy was she surprised when she saw a scary clown grinning evilly back at her. she grabbed the paper and tore it to bits crying the whole time and screaming. apparently not enough though. for alison's little brother decided to staple the picture back together which only made it that much more frightening. what evil brothers this poor alison has.

so all in all, clowns are not a good thing.

p.s. i was going to put up some pictures to illustrate why people should not like clowns but i think i am going to have nightmares from looking at them so i will not pass that on to others. i highly recommend NOT typing anything about clowns in google images unless you want nightmares.

THIS however, is hilarious and inspired this entire post.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"abbrevs" and other lingo

from my last post it has become clear to me that many of you out there in this world may not be familiar with the "new and hip" lang that we 'kids' have these days. so it will be my privilege to update you all.

first, there is text language. meaning that you basically take out the vowels of a word to shorten it or take the first letters of a saying or sentence.
lol = laugh out loud
btw = by the way (also b.t.dubbs for fun)
brb = be right back
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lylas = love ya like a sister
and many many others

second, there is a language called "abbrevs" meaning abbreviations. so basically you abbreviate every word you say.
the most common word used is "TOTES" as in totally.
some more examples are:
obvi = obviously
lang = language
and any other word in the english language that can be shortened. it's really quite fun.

annnnd don't worry, pictures will be coming up soon of my new hair!! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

b. t. dubbs

i totally got my hair cut. nicole siri cut it but i wanted it shorter so i had mom cut it even shorter when we got home. i had to practically force her to.

i used this picture for reference and it's about like this and i really really like it a lot. it's soooo much easier to handle now and i wear it down a lot more! maybe i'll put up some pictures or something soon. i haven't done that in a while....

anyway, there is another post beneath this so keep reading :)

more collegiate junk

i got into UTAH STATE!!

now i am working on getting on my scholarships and stuff in and let me tell you, it is not as fun as i was hoping.

also, audition for byu-i = not cool. i have to send in a video of me singing two songs. so scary. and it has to be there by feb. 1st so i need to get a move on!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

what a large and significant number. things to (hopefully and maybe) happen this year:

- GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL!! thank goodness...

- get a haircut. i'm thinking short... suggestions?

i really like this length and style of hair, too short? (this is a girl from One Tree Hill who's hair i have admired ever since i first saw the show)

- get muscular. i have never really ever "worked out" before but now that we have a treadmill, i am hoping to run more and maybe get my health up.

- go on the trek for youth conference. i hope we get to chop off chicken heads and wrestle pigs!

- either go to "take your child to work day" or go on a business trip with dad. he goes to really cool places and i want to go with him sometime.

- get my $500 for not kissing any boys in high school

- start college (don't know where yet though...)

- visit utah over spring break!! for a whole week :)

Now for some goals I want to accomplish:

- already mentioned, but i want to get more fit.

- pass my AP courses with at least B's and maintain my GPA

- sing a solo in choir. or maybe a duet... but if i do a duet, i want to sing this song

well that's basically it.
what are some of your new years goals?