Sunday, January 31, 2010

a new found obsession

as many of you know, i tend to obsess over many things.
and as many of you know, i tend to obsess over one artist (music) at a time and continually listen to the same artist for weeks.
well i have found a new obsession.
his name is..... JUSTIN BIEBER.
now for those of you who may know him, don't freak out. i know he's only 14 years old, but he is REALLY GOOD. and it's not just his looks :)
when i first heard him i was like "yeah, he's good. whatever" i figured they just "automated" his voice or whatever to make it sound like it does. but then i heard THIS and realized that he really is very very talented! and i have since then become thoroughly obsessed with all of his music.
the only funny thing is that he's canadian, white, and young and he's singing about love and uses lingo like "shawty" (for those of you who know what that is) and basically just tries to be a G (gangsta).
but i love his music anyways.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a tempting offer....

so today i got a letter in the mail from Utah State University.
i had already received my acceptance letter so i was curious as to what this would say.
i took it to my room to read in private and upon opening it found out that i had received the "dean's scholarship" which is a 2 year full out-of-state tuition scholarship.


i was pretty excited. mom even started crying.
so this is a huge con in my scale balancing between usu and byu-provo (saying i get in...)

we'll see what happens.
OH and i'm taking pictures tomorrow for sure of my hair so they will be posted very very very soon!! :)

what a happy day!

and now exam week begins..... blegh

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coulrophobia (REALLY not for the easily scared)

Definition of Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

Many people in this world are afraid of clowns. I happen to be one of those.
Now I'm not talking about "ooh oooh they're so scary!" type of afraid. I'm talking more the "Holy crackers get me out of this place my bladder is bursting!!!" type of afraid. Even seeing a creepy picture of a clown sends shivers up my entire body.
So to have my older brother, Bryan, scare the living daylights out of me with clown pictures was enough to send me over the edge:

a long long time ago i was telling my darling brother bryan about how i don't like clowns and how having a dream about one would scare me. he decided to plan out how my dream would commence. and this is how it went: "you are asleep. you wake up for some odd reason, so you are laying awake now. you see a shadow go by your window. 'that's strange' you think. so you close your eyes to try and fall asleep. you open them again because you feel a little thud. at the end of your bed you see a figure. yes, it's a little clown. 'hello,' says the clown 'my name is mr. marbles. catch the knife!' and that's the last thing you see." now imagine being a young innocent child and hearing this. yes, it scarred me.


around the year 2005, we were all living happily in our little townhouse. then one day, it all changed. bryan knew that alison did not like clowns, but decided to scare his darling little sister anyway. for those of you who know bryan well know that he is an exceptional artist. which can be both good and bad. in this case it was bad. bryan drew a creepily good picture of this fated mr. marbles and placed it under her blankets. so when dear alison pulled back the covers to get into bed, boy was she surprised when she saw a scary clown grinning evilly back at her. she grabbed the paper and tore it to bits crying the whole time and screaming. apparently not enough though. for alison's little brother decided to staple the picture back together which only made it that much more frightening. what evil brothers this poor alison has.

so all in all, clowns are not a good thing.

p.s. i was going to put up some pictures to illustrate why people should not like clowns but i think i am going to have nightmares from looking at them so i will not pass that on to others. i highly recommend NOT typing anything about clowns in google images unless you want nightmares.

THIS however, is hilarious and inspired this entire post.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"abbrevs" and other lingo

from my last post it has become clear to me that many of you out there in this world may not be familiar with the "new and hip" lang that we 'kids' have these days. so it will be my privilege to update you all.

first, there is text language. meaning that you basically take out the vowels of a word to shorten it or take the first letters of a saying or sentence.
lol = laugh out loud
btw = by the way (also b.t.dubbs for fun)
brb = be right back
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lylas = love ya like a sister
and many many others

second, there is a language called "abbrevs" meaning abbreviations. so basically you abbreviate every word you say.
the most common word used is "TOTES" as in totally.
some more examples are:
obvi = obviously
lang = language
and any other word in the english language that can be shortened. it's really quite fun.

annnnd don't worry, pictures will be coming up soon of my new hair!! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

b. t. dubbs

i totally got my hair cut. nicole siri cut it but i wanted it shorter so i had mom cut it even shorter when we got home. i had to practically force her to.

i used this picture for reference and it's about like this and i really really like it a lot. it's soooo much easier to handle now and i wear it down a lot more! maybe i'll put up some pictures or something soon. i haven't done that in a while....

anyway, there is another post beneath this so keep reading :)

more collegiate junk

i got into UTAH STATE!!

now i am working on getting on my scholarships and stuff in and let me tell you, it is not as fun as i was hoping.

also, audition for byu-i = not cool. i have to send in a video of me singing two songs. so scary. and it has to be there by feb. 1st so i need to get a move on!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

what a large and significant number. things to (hopefully and maybe) happen this year:

- GRADUATE FROM HIGH SCHOOL!! thank goodness...

- get a haircut. i'm thinking short... suggestions?

i really like this length and style of hair, too short? (this is a girl from One Tree Hill who's hair i have admired ever since i first saw the show)

- get muscular. i have never really ever "worked out" before but now that we have a treadmill, i am hoping to run more and maybe get my health up.

- go on the trek for youth conference. i hope we get to chop off chicken heads and wrestle pigs!

- either go to "take your child to work day" or go on a business trip with dad. he goes to really cool places and i want to go with him sometime.

- get my $500 for not kissing any boys in high school

- start college (don't know where yet though...)

- visit utah over spring break!! for a whole week :)

Now for some goals I want to accomplish:

- already mentioned, but i want to get more fit.

- pass my AP courses with at least B's and maintain my GPA

- sing a solo in choir. or maybe a duet... but if i do a duet, i want to sing this song

well that's basically it.
what are some of your new years goals?