Thursday, December 25, 2008



and a happy new yearrrrrrr!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


these are reasons why i am 63 right now:

- katie beat me TWICE at battle ship

- lisa's not home yet

- it's not gonna snow tomorrow for Christmas

- i am not "child of the day"

- i am not "child of the hour"

- i'm not even "child of the minute"!!

- i smell bad

Sunday, December 21, 2008

monkey attacks (not for the light-hearted)

hasn't every little child, or older child for that matter, wanted a pet monkey. i know i have. i've always wanted to trade david in and get a pet monkey in place of him. yet when i saw these pictures and reports, i wasn't so sure anymore.

it's so sad what cute little monkeys can do to people. most of these people also said that they'd owned the monkey for a few years and it just unexpectedly attacked them. it's sad how a cute little monkey like this

could turn into a little devil like this


go HERE to learn more

Thursday, December 18, 2008

jazzy airport

so on wednesday we went to the dulles airport to go caroling!
it was super fun cause we sang for 5 hours and made people SMILE! haha
and then after lunch we got a tour of the old control tower!

it was really really cool. we even went all the way up to the tippy tippy top!!
and on the way back down, the air blew our dresses all the way up! luckily i wore shorts underneath so i was fine with it. but some of the girls were doing some marilyn monroe moves.

haha it was pretty funny.
here are some pictures we took. we were all there except one girl!


Monday, December 15, 2008

christmas list!!

so this is my christmas list that i made!

super fun times! can't wait till you're all here and we can PARTY LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!

aliSonS ChriStmAS LiSt

- earrings, rings, and bracelets

- ipod

- Basshunter cd (now you’re gone)

- Step Up 2 soundtrack

- gift cards

- kohls, target, the mall (dulles and outlets)

- clothes

- a doggy or kitty!!!!!!!

party times party times!!

p.s. bryan, i definitely win the competition between me and david. i will always win. i am THE winner.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

squares and rectangles and ... squares OH MY!

- is a square a rectangle?
- is a rectangle a square?
- why/why not?

how many squares are in this conjunction? there is a prize for the winner!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


this is going to be a really random post. have fun.

this is my beautiful family!!
and we will finally be all together for the FIRST TIME EVER WITH EVERYONE this christmas!!!!

this is me and a friend before we watched PRINCE CASPIAN!!!

such a good movie!

don't these look yummy???

hahahaha lol lol rofl rofl rofl!! laughed so hard when i saw this lol lol LOL!!!

this is me and a friend doing jazzercise at girls camp! haha we have way too much fun...
(notice my nasty, disgusting, dirty feet haha)

the many eyes of alison... haha i get wayyyy too bored. :D i should totally be like, an eye model or something! hahaha


okay, now i have a challenge for anyone who is reading this blog at the moment!!! for your next blog topic, write about a bunny who lives on druberry lane. then give me the link of your blog so i can read what you wrote. DO IT! it will make your life fulfilled!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


so i guess i'll do what anna suggested because i'm terrible at coming up with my own ideas.
so here's my list of TEN THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE!!

1. jump out of an airplane.
as in skydiving.
i'm sure i could actually jump though, so i'd probably have to be pushed.
but that would still be so tight (nathan)

2. sing a solo.
in front of a lot of people. like, at a concert or something. don't know if i'll actually be able to do that, but who knows. maybe i will magically become super brave and can do it.

3. temporarily straighten my hair.
it would just be fun to be able to take a shower and still have straight hair without spending 3 hours straightening it! how cool! and it would become curly again sometime.

4. wear red contacts.
that would be awesome.
i have a friend who wore red contacts on halloween and he looked so creepy. i didn't even realize it when i was talking to him cause he was looking down, and then he looked up and i got really creeped out.

5. get married and have a family.

6. own a dog.
this has been a life-long dream from before i was born.
but it only counts when i actually remember the dog.

7. obtain a british/english accent.
how cool would that be? or actually any type of accent.
i just don't like having a monotone, no coolness voice.
"come on ya'll. let's go to the rodeo!!"

8. go shopping in new york and not worry about money.
(sigh) goodness gracious. that would a dream come true.
just to buy anything i wanted and not worry how much it costs.

9. punch someone. (meow anna)
i've actually always wondered what it would feel like to just sock someone in the face.
would my hand hurt? would there be a bruise in the shape of my knuckles? am i even strong enough to inflict a bruise? would their jaw be squishy?
just so many questions that need answers!

10. meet jon mclaughlin, david archuleta, michael buble, zac efron, matt damon, jeremy sumpter, Cam Gigandet, and others probably that i can't think of at this moment.
man if only this were to happen, i think my life would be complete.

so there anna. there are a few of the things that i want to do with my life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i feel it my obligation to write however i have nothing interesting to share with the world. and so i followed the advice of my younger brother and have clicked "random article" on wikipedia. what i came up with was this: Aggtelek National Park (in Hungarian: Aggteleki Nemzeti Park)

hmmmm..... so i will write about this now.

this is a national park in hungary. that's pretty cool. it's a pretty big park, most of it is underground. it has the largest stalactite cave in europe!! it's called the baradla cave.
wow, some caves have special powers so to say. like, there's this one cave called the peace cave and it treats asthma. that is tight. so if you have asthma, go to hungary and you will be cured!!