Sunday, March 27, 2011

'tis the end

It's now getting close to the end of the semester. The end of my freshman year of college at BYU.
How weird is that? Very.
Classes are starting to wind down and start preparing for finals. Here is a rundown of how I think my finals will go:

ASL 101 - EASY. This whole class has been pretty easy and straightforward for me so I don't think the final will be hard.

REL 122 (BOM part II) - okay... I have to admit I do not like being tested on my knowledge of the Book of Mormon but I'm too terrible at it, just not my strong-point.

PdBio 220 LAB - okay/pretty good. As long as I study at open lab during the week, I should be fine.

PdBio 220 LECTURE - ehh. Anatomy lecture has definitely not been my strong point this semester. But I have made a few friends in class who I will study with and they will help me do better!

Dance 164 - not even sure If we have a final... and if we do, it can't be too hard :)

COMD 133 (Intro to Communication Disorders) - ehh. This class has been my least favorite this semester. But I definitely don't think I will/can fail the final for this class.

Student Development 110 - EASY. This class has been a definite help in all my other classes and I have seriously learned SO MUCH. And the final is going to be really easy, probably just a poster or little project. yayay!

MUSIC 160R (singing lessons) - REALLY GOOD. Last week my teacher gave me a standing ovation in lessons after singing one of my songs :) I think I'll be okay on my final, and I really am LOVING lessons!

So those are my finals. Overall I would say I'm doing pretty great this semester! I am definitely much happier and more proud of myself than my first semester!!

Also, I am trying to figure out my new direction (as in choosing a new major) and I may have found one... but I'm not telling anyone yet until I talk to my career adviser and talk it out with her :) But I think it will make me happy!

Thank you all for you support, especially my parentals :)



Wednesday, March 9, 2011


happy wednesday :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Casting Crowns

Ever heard of this group?
They are seriously phenomenal, I first heard them on the radio station 91.9 wgts (one of the best) back home and they are what I listen to on Sundays.
Though they are a Christian rock group, their songs are really touching and wonderful!

Even if you don't usually listen to this type of music, I challenge and recommend you listen to it and take in the words and meanings :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikram Yoga

How does sitting in a room 105 degrees sound?
Now imagine working out in that room.
And as in work out I mean YOGA!

This is what is called Bikram Yoga.
Sounds pretty interesting, huh?

In my Dance 164 (Movement for Musicians) class we have just started a Yoga section and boy do my muscles hurt!
We start class by first doing some simple leg, arm, and body stretches.
Then we continue on to push ups. Many many push ups. And we do them with our hands in different positions so they work ALL the muscles in our arms; so so so painful.
After those we do the 2 warrior poses and then end on the floor with the "dead man's pose", which is extremely relaxing!
I never knew Yoga could be so difficult and painful! But I definitely feel my muscles getting stronger already! It's fantastic!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big 17.

Today is a momentous day. Not only because it's March 1st or because it's Monday, but because it's JUSTIN BIEBER'S 17th BIRTHDAY!

whoop whoop!