Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DISNEY WORLD - where all your wildest dreams come true

here are some pictures from our adventures in Disney World! we had the privilege of being "escorted" by lisa's awesome roommate shelley and we had a super time!

the princes and princesses!

yes i rode rollercoasters! and loved them!

poor me and david


the phone booth

asian peace!

singing haha

hunting the tiger

i have more pics too. maybe someday i'll put them up?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

my crazy crazy summer

here are some events that have happened in my summer (so far):

1. EFY

we were called "Night of Darkness" and we were pretty much the coolest group there. this was my 4th and last time going to EFY and the 1st time i had random roommates. doing random roommates was really awesome!!


my group was called "TMNT" - teenage mormon ninja turtles. hahaha. it was really awesome. also my last year of girls camp (not too sad about that). our tent got flooded this year and i got the most wet. but it was fun!!

3. HILL CUMORAH PAGEANT (aka best 2 weeks ever)

(not everyone made it to this picture)
this is my cast team. overall there were 20 people (6 girls, 14 guys = amazing). we were in the Y8 cast team meaning only 17 yr. olds.
i was cast as a lamanite campfire dancer meaning i was WICKED!! and i had to do this cute little tribal monkey-looking dance around a campfire. that was it. but at the beginning i also got to do this tribal dance wearing capes that looked like wings. it was really cool!

the sun was super super bright and it was hot and no one wanted to do this position but we did anyway

working on a pyramid.
you can't notice (maybe you can) but after this picture was taken the pyramid totally collapsed with me on top and it was very painful. but i was laughing too hard to notice.


lisa's awesome roommate (shelley) works at disney world and gets three people in for free SO me, my mom, and my brother drove down to orlando and went to disney world for three frickin' amazing days! the 1st day we went to the animal kingdom and went on a cool safari and i went on Expedition Everest - a huge rollercoaster - twice. yeah that's right. i went on it twice. i was pretty proud of myself. the 2nd day we went to mgm studios (where i tried out for american idol = scariest experience of my life. didn't get in. whatever) and then we went to the epcot center where we visited tons of different countries from around the world. on the 3rd and last day we went to magic kingdom (!!) and saw the castle and peter pan *sigh* and went on splash mountain and thunder mountain. fun times.

so that's the point i am at now. here's what's yet to come:


for mom's birthday we always go to the beach so this year we are going to bethany beach for two days! yay!!


for katie's baby!!!!!!!!! little LOL. and i am also going to go on some college campus visits to BYU, UofU, Utah State, Utah Valley, and maybe Weber. pretty exciting fun times! and because i have to be home by the 3rd, david and i are flying back alone!! without mom!! i'm really excited for that.

so that's been my crazy crazy but yet awesome summer!!