Thursday, December 24, 2009

the TRUE stories of my love life...

boy #1
age: 6
gave me a kiss in front of my mom. don't know if mom saw it or not... he was the tiniest kid in the class, about up to my waist. i never really liked him though.

boy #2
age: 7? 8?
i was in love with this kid. his dad was the computer guy at school. his name was jason, my favorite guy name. too bad his teeth were very yellow.

boy #3
age: 8
oh michael. we played baseball together. he was adorable.

boy #4
age: 7-12
everyone who knows me probably knows who i'm talking about in this story. our families were great friends... he was my age... curly hair...
i made a deal with him one day that if i told him who i liked, he would have to give a reeses peanut butter cup. he agreed. i told him it was him who i liked. he ran away. i had to tell him mom in order to get my reeses peanut butter cup. luckily, we're still friends.

boy #5
age: 13ish
fell in love with this kid for about 3 or 4 years. that sounds so sad. we "IM'd" a few times and i thought we were in love. turns out he's stupid. i still see him around school and feel extremely awkward even though this happened in middle school hahaha

boy #6
(we'll stop the age thing now...)
fell in love freshmen year when he was in my study hall. he was in the perfect position i could watch him throughout the class (not that i did or anything...) i never ever talked to him though. he was a fantastic singer and played the guitar. then he graduated.

boy #7
this one is a sad story.
i think i will only tell it to people who personally email me because if i tell it here, mom will know who i'm talking about and that will make things VERY awkward.

so there you go.
the TRUE sad stories of my failed love life...

...can't wait till college!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


so i've officially applied to three schools and have so far gotten into one!
yay for byu-idaho!!
who knows where i'll go?
the other two are byu (in provo) and utah state.
oh the joys of senior year...