Friday, October 30, 2009


happy halloween (tomorrow)!!
our ward's trunk-or-treat is tonight! it's like "trick-or-treating" but we go around to car trunks that have been decorated! FUN FUN! all the youth get to help out with games too. laurels are in charge of the cake walk!
for my costume, i am going to be army barbie!!
.... well that's it.

p.s. HI BRYAN, KATIE, BOLIVIA, AND DADDY!! have a fun halloween party!! (oh, and you too lisa and chris and anna and soapy and snaggles and mom) heehee

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


geeze i am a mega slacker.
here's some more news that's happened lately:

1. i auditioned for senior honors choir and am an ALTERNATE!!
800 people audition from all over the state and only 150 get chosen. our school had 10 people audition and 6 were chosen with 2 alternates, which is really good!! my teacher is hoping someone gets the swine flu so i can go haha.

2. GLEE started!!
such a good show but i'm not allowed to watch it anymore.... darn darn darn. the singing is phenomenal though!!

3. first jazz choir performance!
we sang at the "hispanic heritage month night extravaganza" it was pretty good. we didn't get into it very much though... but we sounded pretty good.

nick pitera is a new mega-heartthrob of mine. you may think his voice is a little creepy and "off" at first but trust me, you get used to it.

5. i am almost an adult.
3 days!!!! then i'm gonna go buy some cigarettes and lotto tickets. hahaha i've already registered for the upcoming governor elections. *woot woot*