Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikram Yoga

How does sitting in a room 105 degrees sound?
Now imagine working out in that room.
And as in work out I mean YOGA!

This is what is called Bikram Yoga.
Sounds pretty interesting, huh?

In my Dance 164 (Movement for Musicians) class we have just started a Yoga section and boy do my muscles hurt!
We start class by first doing some simple leg, arm, and body stretches.
Then we continue on to push ups. Many many push ups. And we do them with our hands in different positions so they work ALL the muscles in our arms; so so so painful.
After those we do the 2 warrior poses and then end on the floor with the "dead man's pose", which is extremely relaxing!
I never knew Yoga could be so difficult and painful! But I definitely feel my muscles getting stronger already! It's fantastic!!


  1. niiiiiiice! Mark and I bought yoga mats in January. We've used them once. haha! by push ups, do you mean in plank position? Those are SUPER hard!

  2. I've tried yoga a few times and it is hard. Come home and teach me all your great yoga moves. :)