Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why yes, It is possible for me to be CRAFTY!!!!

So thanks to THIS wonderful blog, I have had the urge to make some really cute clothes this summer!
And so I finally began yesterday :)
I first made a shirt using THIS post and then made some jeans of mine into skinnies using THIS post! (There is also a post with a video tutorial of fixing jeans)I love them!!!!


Next I plan on making THIS and THIS :)
Oh the joys of not spending a lot of money and making cute clothes!


  1. But you're not magically way more tan in your after pictures.

  2. Omgsh, you look at cotton and curls too?! Don't you just love it? I'm going to sew too...we'll be domestic goddesses in NO time!

  3. I had tons of friends (mostly punks) that did this to their jeans in high school. Although, there's were a lot tighter. ;)

  4. More projects! More projects!