Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Brain

This week in Anatomy lab we learned about the brain and spinal column.
I even held a brain! And let me tell you folks, it was AWESOME. The brain is so extremely detailed and intricate and strangely beautiful!
My favorite part would be the arbor vitae which means "tree life" and the part actually looks like the tree of life!!

isn't that awesome?!

Another really cool part of lab this week is that they had a mid-sagittal (directly in middle) cut of a head with the face and brain all still attached, just halved! So we were able to see clearly how all the skull foramen (holes) and pieces all fit together and worked with the brain! I was literally sitting there with my jaw dropped in awe and gasping, it was probably one of the coolest things I have seen EVER.

ALSO, in my Anatomy lecture last night we were discussing the different lobes of the brain (frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, insula) and the topic of lobotomy's came up! And so we discussed that and after class one of the TA's had a video for those who wanted to stay and watch. Of course I did! And it was seriously crazy to see how they did lobotomy's back in the day, literally take ice picks from the freezer and jab them through your orbital fissure behind your eyeball and then mess around with your frontal lobe. The purpose of lobotomy's was to attempt to change personalities and many prisoners had them done in exchange for an early parole because they were so dangerous!

Here is the video we watched in class! It was shown on PBS so it's not too bad but it was rate TV-14, so BEWARE! :)

Hopefully this post doesn't creep anyone out but honestly, it is amazing how something made up of tissue and... "goo" can create memories and store so much information!

Yay for Anatomy! :)

peace out.


  1. Man oh man, I love anatomy. I think about that class a lot.

    That mid-sagittal cut kind of creeped me out when I saw it. I think what creeped me out the most is that the TA showed up which arm belonged to the guy and which leg belonged to him. He had to go to all the different boxes to put the guy back together. He recognized them because he was the one who did the dissection.

    I think it would be SUPER interesting to take the dissection class. Maybe you should do it!

  2. awesome! Mark did the brain and spinal cord in HIS anatomy class this week too! But it was all sorts of animals, sheep, goat, cow, calf. But he mentioned that all the names and locations are the same as in humans. So interesting and makes you really appreciate the creations of the Lord.

  3. also, I just watched that video and felt really sick afterwards.