Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Youtube Repeat

Have you ever been listening to a song you really love on Youtube but every time it ends you have to go back to the video and click "Replay"?? So obnoxious.

Well, I have a solution for YOU!

1st, go to the Youtube page of the song.

Now go up to the URL

After the "youtube" part of "", type in the word "repeat"


then becomes.... (but don't bold it..)

And it will just repeat the song over and over and over again! Which is the way I love to listen to new songs :)

Current favorite songs are:

(I am actually singing this song for singing lessons! It's so beautiful!!)


  1. Cool! Thanks Ali! I love to listen to my disco music over and over.....

  2. Wow, cool discovery. I was listening to a song over and over again at work today on Grooveshark and I thought of you and how you always listen to the same song all the time.

    This is Bryan, by the way...

  3. Hey...that second video...pretty awesome, huh? Wonder who showed that to you... ;]

  4. oh man! This is such a great discovery! Thanks Bali!